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This book is about a girl named Oasis who was brutally abused by her parents. The stories about Princes and Princesses does not apply to her. Oasis is a 16-year old girl who has been living in a palace ever since she was left on the palace doorstep. Three years after being left on the palace doorstep, her younger sister Tengoku is left on the palace doorstep. One day after being overly whipped by her parents, her younger sister Tengoku has been thrown out of the house and transported to another country. Oasis is shocked after hearing this, and after her parents are told that she was a Fire Mage, she is immediately thrown out of the house and travels to Japan. When Oasis travels to Japan and almost drowns, she meets some friends along the way. In the middle of the book a man named Keiichi Yakima he claims to defeat Oasis and take away the missing piece of The Chronicle. More enemies come and go who want to take the remaining pieces of The Chronicle. Once The Chronicle has been opened everything that is fated will begin. What exactly is The Chronicle? What is fated that will begin?

The many genres of this book are romance, action, adventure, blood and gore, and fantasy!

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